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Dear Floyd:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your incredible professionalism throughout the leasing process for our commercial space in our building located at 443 South San Pedro Street in downtown Los Angeles.

We have worked with many brokers over the years, and we had hired two other brokers for this specific space before we found you.

Considering the challenge of our economic times, your voice was always one of calm, careful consideration, and full acknowledgement of our business needs. It was truly a pleasure, from both a personal and business perspective, to be able to work with you and bring this lease to fruition.

Thank you so much for maintaining our relationship at such a high level, and we look forward to working again with you in the future.


Debra Cowan

“Floyd is the one we can count on everyday. As out of town property owners, we rely on Floyd to help our tenants when things go wrong, and to encourage them to do the right thing when they stray from their obligations. He has long had the reputation for being fair and balanced in all his business dealings, and we have found that to be true in all respects. Floyd is a gentleman of the old school.”

Richard Bell and Chieko T. Mansour
The Chieko T. Mansour Trust

“While searching for office space to lease, FCRES' expertise, advice and wealth of knowledge immediately put us at ease. We felt assured that FCRES was looking out for what was best for us. The warm personalities, enthusiasm and helpfulness of the FCRES employees was invaluable.”

John Drinker
General Manager / Dir. of Sales
MDS (Media Distribution Services) West

“Fran is by far the most talented real estate agent in the business.
She is smart, detail-oriented and capable, and gets things done in a very timely manner. She has been a great negotiator who has fought to meet my needs, and has become a valuable friend over the course of our business interactions. Most importantly, she always went out of her way to take care of me, for which I trust and respect her and her talents as a real estate agent.”
Scott June Im
Owner of Agora Churascaria
Irvine California

“Fran represented the seller in our transaction. But, because of her experience and expertise we came to rely on her extensively.
Fran worked the middle ground very effectively. She recognized "fairness" and "equity" much faster than the seller and she did a great job of getting him to compromise.
Fran's honesty and clear thinking made our deal work. Her understanding of the process and awareness of the many "moving parts" in a restaurant purchase made our deal happen. She stuck with both seller and buyer all the way.
We appreciate her excellent service and solid commitment to proper business practices. As we grow The Haskell Restaurant Group, LLC, Fran will be a "first call".
Thank you Fran for a great job”
John S. Haskell


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